Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo microfiber cloth is an excellent alternative to traditional cleaning cloths made from cotton or paper towels. These cloths have a unique combination of properties that make them an ideal cleaning solution for a wide range of applications.

Advantages & Features

Softness and durability. These cloths are made from a woven blend of bamboo fibers and microfiber, creating a soft and gentle texture that is non-abrasive to surfaces. Additionally, the 200 gsm fabric used in their construction makes them super durable and reusable, allowing for long-term use with minimal wear and tear. Although they may shrink a little in size after washing, this doesn't affect their cleaning performance.

Exceptional absorbency. These cloths can absorb more than 7 times their size in liquids, making them incredibly effective at cleaning up spills and messes quickly and efficiently. This is due to the natural properties of bamboo, which enhance the cloth's absorbency without the need for any chemical treatments.

Quick to dry. In addition to their absorbency, bamboo microfiber cloths are also quick to dry, thanks to their unique blend of materials. The microfiber in the cloth helps to wick moisture away from the surface, while the bamboo fibers allow the cloth to dry quickly and thoroughly, reducing the risk of mold or mildew growth.

Multi-purpose. They are ideal for use in the kitchen for cleaning dishes, pots, and counters, but they can also be used for wiping and cleaning a variety of household items, including appliances, glasses, and mirrors. The cloths are gentle enough to be used as hand washcloths or for cleaning delicate electronic devices without leaving any pesky lint behind. Their non-abrasive properties also make them ideal for use on furniture and other delicate surfaces, where the risk of scratching or damage is a concern.


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