Cleaning Towel

Cleaning Towel

Microfiber Cleaning Towel for Sale

Power Clean supplies custom Microfiber Cleaning Towels in bulk with the best quality. Our wholesale microfiber towels are made of eco-friendly materials. Customized microfiber towels with your brand logo, a slogan, or a unique design provide customers with appreciated styles, helping them achieve a more effective cleaning experience. Personalized microfiber towels in bulk are ideal for trade shows, business gifts, company events, janitorial services, cleaning companies, and much more. Using customized microfiber towels will share your message and contribute to greater brand exposure. Are you interested in a Kitchen Sponge, Scrubber Cleaning Sponge, or Dish Drying Mat?

Eco-friendly Material: Power Clean microfiber cleaning towels are made with eco-friendly materials. Although the new environmentally friendly materials are more expensive to manufacture, they are very worthwhile compared with traditional cleaning fabrics. Power Clean offers the latest technological improvements in materials.

Highly Absorbent and Durable: Power Clean microfiber cleaning towels feature double-sided high absorbency, so you can tackle any cleaning task with confidence. The uniquely designed fibers ensure maximum dirt and water absorption while being gentle on all surfaces. The fabric's durability ensures it resists tearing and wear even after extensive use.

Versatile and Lightweight: There’s no stretching, no chipping, or self-destructing with our full-size microfiber towels. Power Clean microfiber cleaning towels are more durable than regular cleaning towels and resistant to deformation. Power Clean is dedicated to providing high-end cleaning solutions with perfect protection for various surfaces.


Why Choose Power Clean:

Automated And High-Efficiency Production: Power Clean has over 12,000 square meters of production area and more than 150 employees. Our facilities include weaving, cutting, sewing, plastic injection, and automatic overlocking machines. We have passed the factory inspection of Bureau Veritas International. We embrace Industry 4.0, actively develop automated production, and invest significantly to maintain our competitiveness in the cleaning supplies industry. By using the robot system to do labor work, efficiency has been significantly improved, and labor costs have been sharply reduced. Power Clean is in a good position to handle your project in a short time and offer you high-quality cleaning fabrics.

Strong OEM & ODM Ability: Our design team consists of more than 20 domestic designers and a team of designers from the United States and cooperates with several well-known artists and designers. Every year, we create more than 100 innovative designs for the market and apply for patents for certain designs. If you choose our products, there will be no patent issues. If you need to develop new products and apply for patents, we will work closely with you and sign a confidentiality agreement with you to protect the confidentiality of your OEM design.

Quality Management System: Upholding your branding standards is the Power Clean QC staff’s mission. Power Clean employees conduct comprehensive quality control on raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products. Power Clean's quality control system ensures that your order is in proper condition without affecting production output. From design to production, our quality control personnel will always be with you. With our quality control system, you can lay a solid foundation for a profitable business.

Based on over 15 years of expertise in the microfiber field, our products are diverse in specifications and colors. We are continuously improving and developing excellent products for our customers with exceptional service. If your business falls within our scope, you are very welcome to visit us and establish relations. Our main products include microfiber cleaning cloths, towels, dust removers, mops, mop pads, bath towels, bathrobes, and fabrics, primarily made of microfiber. Our products are sold in more than 69 countries worldwide and are highly praised by international customers.

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