Coral Cloth

Coral Cloth

What is microfiber coral cloth?

Microfiber coral cloth is extremely soft, highly absorbent, and one of our highest GSM weight towels. Its high pile easily absorbs any dirt and debris, making it ideal for dry, waterless washing and quick cleaning.

What are the main benefits of microfiber coral cloth?

Highly Absorbent: Absorbs water quickly and efficiently.

Soft and Gentle: Ideal for delicate surfaces and skin.

Durable: Long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

Quick Drying: Dries faster than cotton, reducing the risk of mildew.

Versatile: Suitable for various uses, from cleaning to personal care.

What are the common uses of microfiber coral cloth?

Cleaning cloths and rags

Towels and bathrobes

Car cleaning and detailing

Pet towels

Spa and beauty cloths

How is microfiber coral cloth different from regular microfiber cloth?

Microfiber coral cloth has a plush, velvety texture that is softer and thicker compared to regular microfiber cloth. It is specifically designed for applications where a gentle touch is needed, such as personal care and delicate surface cleaning.


What is the MOQ for wholesale purchases?

The MOQ varies by supplier but typically ranges from 500 to 1,000 pieces. It is best to check with the specific supplier for their requirements.

Can the microfiber coral cloth be customized?

Yes, many suppliers offer customization options such as color, size, logo printing, and packaging to meet the specific needs of your business.

How should microfiber coral cloth be cared for?

Washing: Machine wash with mild detergent. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners.

Drying: Air dry or tumble dry on low heat. Avoid high heat to prevent damage.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Are there different grades of microfiber coral cloth?

Yes, microfiber coral cloth comes in various grades, determined by the fiber thickness, density, and overall quality. Higher grades offer better performance and longevity.

What are the payment terms for wholesale orders?

Payment terms vary by supplier. Common options include:

30% deposit upon order confirmation, with the balance paid before shipment.

Full payment upfront for smaller orders.

Letters of credit for larger transactions.

How long does it take to receive an order?

Lead times depend on the order size, customization requirements, and the supplier's production schedule. Typically, it takes between 15 to 30 days from order confirmation to delivery.

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