What is microfiber terry fabric?

The microfiber terry fabric is a highly absorbent cotton fabric made on a special loom. It is almost always made entirely of cotton, but occasionally polyester is used as a supplement to the material. microfiber terry fabric is extremely absorbent, and its fibers are so fine that they absorb water and retain internal moisture, swelling the more water they absorb. It is a reliable choice when it comes to cleaning up spills and liquids.

The microfiber terry fabric has a medium pile on both sides for effective use both wet and dry. The high absorbency of the terry cloth makes it ideal for damp cleaning or drying wet surfaces. It scrubs, dust, glows, and absorbs; it will meet almost all your needs.

Microfiber terry cloth is available in a variety of weights, from 200 GSM to 400 GSM, and in a variety of sizes, from 4" x 4" to 16" x 24". The lighter-weight terry cloth cleaning towels have lower lint and are less absorbent, while the higher-weight towels have higher lint and are more absorbent. Lighter-weight microfiber terrycloth towels are more aggressive, while heavier-weight cleaning towels are softer and gentler.

We designed our microfiber terry cloth fabrics for maximum absorbency, softness and durability. We make sure they are softer, thicker, more absorbent and longer lasting than regular microfiber cloths. Because of this, these microfiber cloths actually have hundreds of uses for your home or cleaning business. These microfiber terry cloth fabrics are more absorbent, lighter in weight, and have faster drying times. Perfect for towels, wipes, absorbent pads, doublers, insert layers and many more consumer and incontinence products.

Our high-quality microfiber terry fabric makes daily cleaning easy, efficient and effective. If you want to buy microfiber terry fabric in bulk, we offer free shipping and free returns on every order! We guarantee they are of high quality, learn more here.

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