Flat Mop Pad

Flat Mop Pad

About china flat microfibre mop supplier-Power Clean

Power Clean is one of the leading suppliers of microfiber flat mop pads in China and OEM/ODM of cleaning mop products. the quality of our microfiber flat mop pads is internationally certified and affordable. Welcome to order our products wholesale.

Microfiber flat mop pads

Microfiber flat mop pads are extruded with a poly/nylon combination for excellent fiber separation and the ability to use more fibers to absorb dirt and dust. microfiber flat mop pads offer excellent absorbency, and durability, and are the most versatile of the widest range of flooring types.

Our professional-quality microfiber flat mop pads are perfect for your home or business. The individual fibers are split apart, allowing the mop to absorb and hold dust, dirt and even liquids better than cotton or synthetic mops. Because the fibers are positively charged, they attract negatively charged dust and dirt that live in the deepest cracks or crevices of the floor. Microfiber floor mops remove more than 99% of germs.

Buy our microfiber flat mop pads in bulk to meet your commercial cleaning needs. Wholesale pricing, fast shipping and great service.

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