Microfiber Mops

Microfiber Mops

Make floors cleaner and safer with Power Clean's microfiber pearl cloth. Microfiber technology surpasses cotton mops in longevity and cleanliness, eliminating the need for bulky, outdated and germ-infested traditional cleaning mop systems.

A comprehensive flat mop system can have a dramatic impact on the health of your facility and the appearance of your floors. Studies show that flat mop systems, especially when used with microfiber mop heads, optimize efficiency, improve floor safety and save labor and materials.

Flat Mop

Professional flat mop for light to medium cleaning

This selection of microfiber flat mops is perfect for light to medium-duty applications. Our low-moisture, highly absorbent flat mop heads are suitable for marble, linoleum, wood and vinyl floors with a streak-free effect. power clean uses the finest microfiber to create a durable, professional-quality product. Find supplies to organize your flat mops and microfiber mop pads for an efficient cleaning process. Help your caretakers keep floors spotless with Power Clean flat microfiber mops.

A flat mop system that reduces cross-contamination

Traditional cotton mop heads leave dirt and bacteria behind, so they spread to other areas of the floor by the time mopping is complete. With the microfiber pearl cloth, you can capture and release dirt more effectively and reduce bacteria by up to 96%.

Rope Mop

Professional Grade Microfiber Mops

Choose from a variety of microfiber mops. Each of these professional-grade tools offers different levels of durability and absorbency and is designed for different levels of dirt removal. All of our mops are made of the highest grade microfiber with ergonomic handles to meet the needs of your staff. Our heavy-duty mop racks are perfect for storing supplies.

Clean more effectively with a microfiber mop

Whether the job requires medium or heavy-duty cleaning tools, our double-sided microfiber tube mop heads are more effective at dirt collection and release, making them one of the best mop choices for disinfection and reducing cross-contamination as you tackle multiple floor spaces in your facility.


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