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PC-B-040 Single Mop Wringer Trolley

Product Benefits:

Simple structure: Single mop winch trucks usually consist of a barrel-shaped container and a handle. The handle is used to rotate the dehydrator inside the bucket to squeeze the moisture out of the mop.

High dewatering effect: The single mop winch truck is designed to provide efficient dewatering effect. By rotating the handle, the internal dehydrator will quickly squeeze the mop and drain out excess water, making the mop surface relatively dry.

Easy to use: It is very simple to operate the single mop winch truck. Users only need to put the mop into the dehydrator and then rotate the dehydrator with the handle to complete the dehydration process. This makes cleaning easier and more efficient.

Versatility: Some single-mop winch trucks are designed with multiple functions, such as designs with adjustable dehydration strength, suitable for different types of mops; others are designed with filter baskets or drains to effectively separate dirt. Water and clean water to maintain cleanliness.

Durability: Single mop winches are usually made of durable plastic or metal materials. Able to withstand regular use and cleaning, and have a long service life.


Single Mop Wringer Trolley
Item: PC-B-040
Capacity: 20L,24L,32L.36L

Size: 55*39*91cm or Customized.

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