Microfiber Bonnet

PC-C002 Short Broom

Product Benefits:

Short handle design: Compared with traditional long-handled brooms, short brooms have shorter handles. More suitable for cleaning in narrow spaces or smaller areas.

Lightweight to carry: Due to the shorter handle, short brooms are lighter and easier to carry and operate. Suitable for use in small places such as homes, offices or shops.

Multi-Purpose: Short brooms are often used to clean dust, debris, food residue and other small debris. Suitable for various floor materials, such as wooden floors, ceramic tiles, carpets, etc.

Easy to store: Due to its small size, the short broom is easy to store in a locker, wall hook, or other small space.

Durability: Although short in handle, short brooms are durable enough to withstand the use of daily cleaning tasks.


Short Broom

Item: PC-C002 

Weight : 290g

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