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PC-C066-C069 Stainless Steel Glass Scraper

Product Benefits:

Material: Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and wear-resistant material. Suitable for making scrapers, especially for cleaning surfaces such as glass.

Squeegee Blades: Stainless steel glass scrapers are usually equipped with replaceable scraper blades. These blades are usually made of stainless steel or plastic that is sharp and durable.

Cleaning glass: The main function of the stainless steel glass scraper is to clean the glass surface. It can effectively remove dirt, water stains, oil stains, glue and other impurities on the glass surface. Make the glass surface clean and translucent.

Multifunctional: In addition to being used to clean glass, the stainless steel glass scraper can also be used to clean other smooth surfaces. Such as walls, tiles, mirrors, etc.

Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of the stainless steel glass scraper is smooth and easy to clean. Not easy to accumulate dirt. After use, you can rinse or wipe it clean with water to maintain hygiene.

Safety: You need to pay attention to safety when using stainless steel glass scrapers. Avoid using the scraper on unsuitable surfaces to avoid scratching or damaging the surface


Stainless Steel Glass Scraper
Item: PC-C066-C069

Size: 25cm,35cm,40cm,45cm or Customized.

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