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PC-0-011 Multipurpose Cleaning Cart

Product Benefits:

Sturdy construction: Cleaning carts are usually made of sturdy materials. Such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy or plastic. Its structure is sturdy and can withstand long-term use.

Multipurpose Design: Multipurpose cleaning carts often feature multiple parts and accessories. Such as trash cans, mop holders, broom holders, detergent bottle holders, etc. Ability to perform multiple cleaning tasks simultaneously. Such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, cleaning up garbage, etc.

Portable: Cleaning carts designed to be portable usually come with wheels and handles. Enables users to move and maneuver with ease, improving productivity.

Combined accessories: The accessories of the cleaning vehicle are detachable and combined. Easy to adjust and replace as needed to meet different cleaning needs.

Storage: Cleaning trucks often come with multiple storage spaces and trash cans. Convenient storage of cleaning tools, detergents and trash. Makes the cleaning process more efficient.

Easy to clean: The surface of the cleaning cart is usually designed to be smooth and easy to clean. Make sure the cleaning vehicle itself is also kept clean and hygienic.


Multipurpose Cleaning Cart

Item: PC-0-011

Size: 114*51*98cm

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