How Do Microfibers Work?

Jan. 16, 2023

You don't have to look around to find advice on cleaning with microfiber cloths. From windows to bathtubs to floors, cleaning experts constantly recommend this specific cleaning tool. So, why is it better? How does it work?

Why use microfiber?

It saves money and is more durable than other cleaning cloths.

It's safe for the environment and cleans with water, not harmful chemicals.

It removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces.

Not all microfiber is the same

The cheaper microfiber has fewer fibers, about 50,000 per square inch. Because it's the fibers that are doing the work, the cheaper fabric won't be as clean as a quality fabric and won't last as long as a quality fabric - only about 50 washes.

General Glass Cloth

General Glass Cloth

How do microfibers work?

Microfiber has millions of fibers that remove and hold dirt, grease, grime, liquids and bacteria. These fibers include positively charged polyester fibers and negatively charged nylon fibers that will actually attract and pull up anything on the surface you are cleaning.

Types of microfiber products

Several microfiber manufacturers have developed products that use fibers specifically designed for each task - scrubbing floors, dusting and cleaning hard surfaces throughout the house, from wood floors to tile to glass to stainless steel.

How to use microfiber?

To make the most of microfiber cleaning cloths, use one cloth at a time. So, fold the cloth in half, and then fold it in half again. This will give you eight surfaces to clean - four on each side.

To dust, let the cloth stay dry. For other chores, wet the cloth and wipe the surface clean.

When the cloth starts to leave dirt or lint, or if you've used it for a few minutes, refold it to a new section. Continue until the entire cloth has been used or the cleaning is complete.

How to clean it?

After each use: Rinse the microfiber cloth with warm or hot water (or the water temperature recommended on the care label) for 10-15 seconds to rinse off the dirt. If the microfiber is particularly dirty, you may need to rinse until the water runs clear. After rinsing, the cloth is ready to be used again.

Once a week: Microfiber cloths used daily should be machine washed once a week. Rinse them first to rinse the dirt from the fibers, then toss them in the washing machine with the regular wash. Do not use bleach (it damages the fibers) or fabric softener (it clogs the fibers). (For cloths used infrequently, wash them when they look dirty or leave traces of lint or dirt.)

Follow care instructions for drying. Some items, such as floor and wall duster heads, have specific care instructions, so be sure to check the care label first.

If rags become ineffective or begin to smell bad, boil them in water and a quarter cup of baking soda for 10-15 minutes.

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