Why Choose Microfiber Cloths?

Feb. 04, 2023

If you use microfiber cleaning cloths, then you may find that there are different grades of cleaning cloths available for different tasks. Most manufacturers will carry at least 3 different types of microfiber cloths. So how do you know which one to choose?

Two things can help you determine which type of microfiber cloth to use.

The type of surface you will be cleaning. For example, you will use a different type of microfiber cloth for cleaning mirrors than for cleaning sinks.

The type of soil you want to clean. Heavy duty soils require heavy duty microfiber cloths. 

Three types of microfiber cleaning cloths.

Heavy-duty microfiber cloths are used for heavy-duty cleaning to remove deep dirt and grease. These cloths are ideal for places like construction cleaning and automotive stores. 

Intermediate microfiber is used for dusting and medium-duty tasks such as wiping down countertops and sinks. 

Microfiber cloths with a suede-like texture are used for glass, mirrors and sequins. These cloths are usually much thinner than heavy-duty or intermediate cloths, but are more tightly woven. 

General Glass Cloth

General Glass Cloth

How do you know you're buying a quality microfiber cloth?

Size. You should be able to fold the fabric in half and then in half again. It should still be large enough to fit your entire hand. 

The edges of the fabric are piped with polyester. This helps the fabric stand up to multiple washes.


Rub the cloth over your hand. Does it look "scratchy"? This is caused by the dense fibers, indicating a high quality microfiber. 

Do a test. Take a small amount of hand cream and apply it to the mirror. Then wipe with a cloth and see how many times it takes to remove the lotion. A good quality microfiber cloth only needs one or two wipes to remove the lotion. 

These are not scientific methods for selecting microfiber cloths or testing quality, but "seeing is believing" and once you have used a quality microfiber cloth and used the correct cloth for the job, you will see the difference immediately.

Why choose microfiber?

Medical studies have shown that microfiber is more effective than traditional cleaning cloths, thanks to its tiny filaments that attract dirt without heavy chemicals. Strong, versatile and gentle, microfiber's ability will make your home safer and more sustainable.

Warp Knitting Terry Cloth

Warp Knitting Terry Cloth

Better, healthier cleaning

Microfiber's fine filaments are extremely effective at cleaning. Not only do microfiber remove dirt and allergens, but the best microfiber cloths can also attract surface bacteria and microorganisms. While microfiber cloths do not kill viruses, they do remove debris where viruses and bacteria attach, thereby reducing the risk of illness at home, in the workplace and at school.

In fact, microfiber cloths are so effective that hospitals are beginning to switch from traditional cleaning tools to microfiber cleaning tools. In a direct comparison, microfiber mops were shown to reduce germs by 99%, while ring mops reduced them by only 30%. In another study, microfiber cloths dramatically reduced levels of disease-carrying bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli and C. difficile spores from a range of clinical surfaces.

That said, microfiber cloths are not a substitute for other cleaning methods. In heavily soiled and bacteria-prone areas (bathrooms and kitchens), it is still wise to use only microfiber for surface dusting. Continue to use soap and water and, if necessary, a dose of bleach or disinfectant.

Versatility and low maintenance

Microfiber cloths offer a wide range of uses and benefits. These absorbent, easy-to-dust wipes can handle both wet and dry soils and won't damage the most delicate surfaces, including electronics, glass, mirrors and automotive finishes. Better quality cloths (those with denser pile ends and finer threads) are also lint-free and perfect for dusting and polishing.

Relatively inexpensive and very durable, follow brand instructions for repeated use of these cloths for maintenance. As a general rule, once your cloth is dirty, scrub it by hand under clean, cold water, without soap. Most fabrics can also be machine washed, but no detergents or bleach should be used. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron your microfiber as this will destroy the surface properties that make it such an effective cleaning tool.


Because of their durability, microfiber cloths are reusable. Their synthetic fibers are non-toxic and do not require chemicals to absorb dirt and keep surfaces shiny. In fact, microfiber is most effective when used alone or with purified water. When properly cared for, microfiber cloths can withstand hundreds of applications and washes without shrinking, falling apart or losing effectiveness.

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