How to Use Microfiber Products?

Jun. 15, 2021

● Surfaces: Use microfiber for cleaning counters and stovetops. The tiny fibers pick up more dirt and food residue than most cloths. They can be used with a third-party certified all-purpose cleaner, or a disinfectant.

● Floors: can be washed with microfiber mops. These mops are flat-surfaced and have easy- to-remove microfiber heads. Microfiber mop heads are lightweight and much easier to wring out, which results in a cleaner floor with much less water left on the floor to dry.

● Windows: with microfiber, only the cloth and water is necessary to clean and de-streak windows, no more toxic window cleaners! One cloth and water wash, and another to dry.

● Dusting: Microfiber cloths and mops trap much more dust than cotton rags, which makes the job faster and easier.

Cleaning and maintenance

● Wash and dry microfiber separately from all other laundry. Because microfiber has a charge, it will attract dirt, hair and lint from other laundry. This will reduce the the effectiveness of the microfiber.

● Wash heavily soiled microfiber cloths and mop heads in warm or hot water with detergent. Lightly soiled cloths can be washed in cold, or even on the gentle cycle.

● Do not use fabric softener! Fabric softeners contain oils that clog up microfibers. This makes them less effective during your next use.

● Do not use bleach! This will shorten the life span of the microfiber.

● Microfiber dries very fast, so plan on a short laundry cycle. You can also hang items up tp dry.

● Be sure to clean microfiber cleaning cloths after every use. Use color-coded cloths for different areas of your facility, so you don't transfer grems from one place to another.

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