What Is Warp Vs Weft Knit Fabric?

Sep. 11, 2023

Warp and weft are two fundamental terms used in the context of knitting fabric. They refer to the direction of the yarns or threads used in the knitting process. Understanding the difference between warp and weft knit fabric is essential for understanding their characteristics and applications. Here's an explanation of warp and weft knit fabric:


Weft Knitting Cloth

Weft Knitting Cloth

Warp Knit Fabric:

Warp knitting is a method in which the yarns or threads run vertically or parallel to the length of the fabric. In warp knitting, each needle in the knitting machine is responsible for handling a separate thread. The yarns interlock vertically, forming loops that interconnect to create the fabric structure. Here are some key characteristics of warp knit fabric:


  • Stability: Warp knit fabric is generally stable and has less stretch compared to weft knit fabric. It has a good resistance to unraveling or fraying, making it suitable for applications where stability is essential, such as in lingerie, upholstery, or technical textiles.


  • Drape: Warp knit fabric tends to have a relatively stiff or firm drape due to its structure. It may not drape as fluidly as weft knit fabric, which can affect its suitability for certain apparel applications.


  • Width: Warp knit fabric is typically produced in wide widths on specialized warp knitting machines. This allows for efficient production and the creation of seamless or large-scale fabric panels.


  • Texture: Warp knit fabric often has a distinct texture, which can vary depending on the yarns used, the stitch pattern, and the finishing processes applied. It can have a smooth, ribbed, or textured surface.


  • Run Resistance: Warp knit fabric is less prone to runs compared to weft knit fabric. If a yarn is broken or pulled out, the loops in warp knit fabric remain intact, limiting the spread of damage.


Common examples of warp knit fabrics include tricot, raschel, and Milanese. These fabrics find applications in lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, automotive textiles, and industrial fabrics.

Warp Knitting Pearl Cloth

Warp Knitting Pearl Cloth

Weft Knit Fabric:

Weft knitting is a method in which the yarns or threads run horizontally or perpendicular to the length of the fabric. In weft knitting, a single yarn is fed into multiple needles in the knitting machine, creating interconnecting loops across the fabric. Here are some key characteristics of weft knit fabric:


  • Stretchability: Weft knit fabric is known for its stretchability and elasticity. It can stretch horizontally or in the width direction due to the interlocking loops. This makes it suitable for applications that require stretch, such as in apparel, activewear, and hosiery.


  • Drape: Weft knit fabric generally has a more fluid drape compared to warp knit fabric. It can conform to body contours and move with the wearer, providing comfort and ease of movement.


  • Width: Weft knit fabric can be produced in various widths, ranging from narrow to wide. It can be easily cut and manipulated into different shapes and sizes.


  • Texture: Weft knit fabric can exhibit a wide range of textures, from smooth to ribbed, and even more complex patterns such as cables or jacquard designs. The texture is created by the specific stitch patterns used during the knitting process.


  • Run and Snag Resistance: Weft knit fabric is more prone to runs or snags compared to warp knit fabric. If a yarn is broken or pulled out, the loops in weft knit fabric can unravel, causing the damage to spread.


Common examples of weft knit fabrics include jersey, rib knit, interlock, and double knit. These fabrics are widely used in apparel, sportswear, activewear, home textiles, and accessories.

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