Microfiber Bonnet

PCKT0001 Aluminum Handle Set

Product Benefits:

Lightweight and durable: The aluminum straight handle is light but strong, making the mop easier to maneuver and reducing the user's labor intensity. At the same time, its durable properties mean it can withstand long-term use and frequent cleaning without being easily broken or damaged.

Anti-corrosion: The mop will come into contact with water and detergents during use. The anti-corrosion properties of the aluminum straight handle enable it to maintain its appearance and functionality for a long time and is not easily corroded by moisture and chemicals.

Easy to clean: The aluminum straight handle has a smooth surface, making it easier to clean. Users can easily wipe or rinse the aluminum straight handle, making the mop overall easier to keep clean and hygienic.

Stability and control: The design of the aluminum straight handle can provide a stable grip, allowing users to better control the moving direction and strength of the mop, thereby cleaning the floor more effectively.


Aluminum Frame
Item: PCKT0001

Size: 178cm/70" or Customized.

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