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PCPC0002 Plastic Clip

Product Benefits:

Fixing the mop head: The main function of the mop plastic clip is to fix the mop head so that it is tightly integrated with the mop rod. It is usually designed in the form of a clip or clamp that securely holds the mop head to the mop bar.

Material: These plastic clips are generally made of durable plastic material, which is lightweight, durable, and not easily eroded by water and detergents.

Easy to use: The mop plastic clip has a simple design and is easy to install and remove. The user only needs to insert the mop head into the clip, and then fix the clip on the mop rod to complete the mop assembly.

Suitability: These plastic clips are typically designed in standard sizes to accommodate various types and sizes of mop heads and mop bars. They have certain compatibility and can be used with different brands and models of mops.

Maintenance: Since it is made of plastic material, the mop plastic clip is easy to clean and maintain. Users can wipe the clip with a damp cloth or rinse it with water to remove dirt and debris.


Mop Plastic Clip
Item: PCPC0002

Size: 75*22.5cm or Customized.

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