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PC-B-039A Mop Tool Bucket

Product Benefits:

Accommodates multiple cleaning tools: The mop tool bucket is designed with enough space and separated areas. Can accommodate different types and sizes of mops, brooms, mop heads, mop cloths, detergents and other cleaning tools.

Easy to carry: Most mop tool buckets are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. Usually has a handle or grip. It is convenient for users to carry to places that need cleaning.

Organization and Organizing: Mop tool buckets often have multiple divided areas or partitions to help users organize and organize cleaning tools. Keep it organized and easy to access quickly.

Durable Materials: Mop tool buckets are usually made of durable plastic, metal, or other durable materials. to ensure a long service life.

Easy to clean and maintain: Due to the specific use, mop tool buckets are usually easy to clean and maintain. Users can wipe with a damp cloth or clean the surface of the barrel with detergent to remove dirt and odor.

Versatility: Some mop tool buckets are designed with additional functions. For example, designs with filter baskets or dewatering baskets. It can help users clean the mop cloth more conveniently and improve cleaning efficiency.


Mop Tool Bucket
Item: PC-B-039A

Size: 38.1*32.8*17.5cm or Customized.

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